Setting new standards in residential construction

Penman Construction are a family owned construction business that pride themselves in providing the highest standards of workmanship and personal service.

Hatch were brought onboard to design an identity system and accompanying collateral which reflected the values of the company: trusted, precise and personal.

As with every brand we design, every touch point needs to be thought through and taken care of. From the identity to photography style, to the tone of voice. In the case of Penman, the business card was identified as a key touch point. It may be physically small but that 55 x 90mm can say a lot about a company. It is often the first exposure a potential client will have with the brand and is the piece they are most likely to keep long term.

Builders are generally not known for carrying pens or notepads; instead using scraps of wood to write everything from phone numbers to materials lists on (in builders pencil of course). From this insight Hatch Studios developed a unique and – as it turns out – very popular business card made from real wood with contact details printed in pencil effect. “A business card is such a simple item but what an impact a first impression like this can make.” Says Director Stu Penman, “It’s a real talking point and demonstrates that we think of solutions outside the square while putting that extra attention to detail into everything we do”

ClientPenman ConstructionServicesIdentity design, Brand guidelines, Staff uniforms, Vehicle livery, Stationery design, Website